Ride Posting Instructions - Jim Logan | 3/3/2020

WPW – Ride Posting Instructions


Our new (2020) website has a form for posting rides.  Here is a sample:



Please complete these fields:

1.     Category – Select an appropriate category from the drop-down menu.

2.     Title – Give a descriptive name to your ride.

3.     Surface – Select from the drop-down menu the most appropriate description.

4.     Ride date/date – Enter the start-time.

5.     Mileage – Enter the ride distance

6.     Ride with GPS link for the route

7.     Starting location – Enter location that populates on the map.

8.     Optionally, enter the elevation gain, if it is handy.

9.     Add a description. Although mildly redundant, please start with a summary in the form of:

Surface/Speed/Terrain   Examples:  “Road/Moderate/Steeps” or “Road/15mph/Rolling”

  • Surface is road surface, such as Road, Gravel, or Trail
  • Speed can be either mph or descriptive, such as Fast, Moderate, or Relaxed.
  • Terrain can be Flat, Rolling, Hilly, Mountains, Steeps, or ….


 Add a description as appropriate. Include landmarks, and/or any special instructions about the start location – such as where to park.

Zoomed image