President's Corner - Jim Logan | 10/18/2020

President's Corner

Club Communication Channels - Posted 10/18/2020

All club members should sign up in these two places to receive regular club communications.

Google Group Email:

Members Facebook Page:

Note that our new website allows for newsletters to emails to only paid club members, we don't quite trust it yet, as we know other emails from the site (registration confirmations) are getting stopped as spam.

Social Distanced Riding - Posted 4/29/2020

Pithy Summary:

Following state guidance, the Western PA Wheelmen is enabling posting of socially distant club rides for 5 riders or less on our new website starting May 1. We are not encouraging it, and many will continue to shelter.


“Governor Announces May 1 Statewide Reopening of Limited Outdoor Recreational Activities to Help Pennslylvanians Maintain Positive, Physical, Mental Health” -…/governor-announces-may-1-sta…/ - Given the Governor’s decision to open golf courses and boat marinas in a socially distant way, we see socially distant bicycling in small groups (5 or less) consistent with the Governor’s guidance.

What is socially distant cycling?

We keep club rides to 5 members or less under the current status (red) – similar to a golf foursome is separate golf carts. Participants socially distance among themselves (and the public), consciously choose socially distanced routes starting out, and choose routes short enough to be self-supporting for now. We enforce group size and help with social distancing at the start with ride sign-ups on the new website. Rather than trying to specify exactly what social distancing means for the club, that for now each ride agree to what makes people comfortable. Expect some people to request face covers at least at gathering points. While restarting club cycling will be fun and games for some, it is life or death for others. We expect people to respect their club members on a ride, and to be prepared to follow publicly announced social distancing and similar requests. Similar to “On your left”, please respect the equivalent of “Distance please.” For now, let's all get along. Please ramp up mutual respect in the coming months. Don’t question requests for distancing, face coverings, and so on.

Other comments from club leadership:

- We are not encouraging people to ride, only enabling people to ride. By now, people understand their own risk situation. Many (or most) will continue to ride solo or on trainers. That is ok.

- Several club leadership members (including President Jim), have family members at increased risk of dying if we get this wrong. Again, please ramp up respect, and listen to social distancing concerns in the coming months.

- View this coming weekend as testing our signing up for rides on our new website – This will be the new normal. Please sign up for rides in advance. This provides ride leaders guidance and avoids using paper waivers.

- This is going to go cautious and slowly. In the old days we used to have a regular ride group. In this new world it may become a social exercise bubble.

- Please don’t be an a-hole. Anyone on the road represents us all.

- If no-one shows up, that is ok. Again, we aren’t encouraging.

Last comment:

If you want to post a ride on the club website, you need to be given permission to do so. Most of the usual cast of characters have that set. If you need that, email me at Remember, please be pleasant and respect others.

President Jim

About Club Ride Insurance - Posted 3/30/2020

WPW provides liability and basic medical insurance to all members and first time participants for WPW sponsored rides, familiarize yourself with the information at American Specialty Insurance and feel free to contact wpw-officers at googlegroups dot com if you have any questions.

Report from Board Meeting Held on 3/25/2020


Update on club rides:

  • WPW will follow state of PA guidance on gatherings. We do not expect to receive guidance that 30+ people congregate in April.
  • When riding does resume, social distancing will still be the norm – Use the new website for people to register for a ride and sign waivers.
  • We will postpone the Spring Kickoff to become a picnic event later in the year.
  • RBA De’Anna cancelled the April 200 km. Likely the 300 km and 400 km as well. This is in line with what other regional RBAs are doing.
  • Rough Diamond Century – Main thing we need is a parking to start from, between the north shore and Fox Chapel. Anyone on leads with a property owner, let us know.
  • Separately we will have online discussion about any interest of club online riding on Zwift or elsewhere.

2020 Ride Leader Thanks/Incentive Plan:

  • Those who lead a ride series or lead “two distinct rides” that are posted a week in advance on the website get free club membership for a year (i.e. 12 month membership extension).
  • Note that “two distinct rides” is mostly about a group gaming the system by passing around leadership for a ride they normally do.
  • Please adopt the new website!


Treasurer’s report: To 1 significant digit, our finances stay the same. Ie. Around $23k. Reported by sign language due to web conferencing audio problems.


New website - :

  • Can now do simple renewals online.
  • Most content moved from old site. Jim was sloppy on several PDFs and will move them in the coming week.
  • Circa 4/5 we will move have point to the new site:


Action item summary:

  • President Jim to do communication to club on riding in April, plus ride leader incentives. DONE!
  • Jim to finish moving files off the old website within a week.
  • Bryan points at the new site circa 4/5 (giving Jim a date to clean up the new site).


New Club Website - Posted 2/5/2020

The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen are migrating to a new club website. Eventually, it will be on our long-time domain - For now, it located at

Why are moving? (1) The new platform has integrated member management, something our Treasurer/Membership Coordinator has to do manually now (2) Better ride management - In addition to posting rides, the new site manages waivers electronically, and allow for sign-ups.

What does it mean to you the member? About February 15, 2020, we plan to import the name and email address of all active (i.e. paid) members into the new website, along with your membership expiration. If you are concerned about privacy, read the privacy policy of here: If you do not want your name imported into our website and membership platform, please email by February 14, 2020.

After the migration, we will encourage all members to first access the site using the "Lost Password" functionality. Then you will fill in additional personal information that you want to share with the club.

Club Riding in 2020 - Updated 2/19/2020

We have had some Ride Captains step up for 2020 to organize rides around themes. We welcome other members to lead rides as well. Here are the rides programs the Ride Captains are leading:

Zoomed image