Ride Leader Resources - Jim Logan | 3/24/2021

Ride Leader Resources

Sheet

Liability Waiver/Incident Report

Ride Posting Instructions

Ride Leader Instructions

Before the Ride

  1. Post your ride under "Rides I lead"
  2. Plan your route, if you aren’t using a mapped route consider the following:
  3. Where can you take shortcuts if necessary
  4. Places to stop and regroup (remember, intersections are convenient but dangerous, a wide berm is a better location)
  5. Location of food stops
  6. Location of restroom facilities
  7. Prepare a map and cue sheet. We encourage to use Ride With GPS and share a link to your route, so participants can load the route into their GPS.
  8. Copy a Sign-In Sheet from the Club’s web site. Use it for riders that did not sign up on the website.

At the Start

  1. Arrive at the start at least 15 minutes before the ride start.
  2. Greet the riders as they arrive, let new riders know that they are especially welcome.
  3. Help the riders get acquainted with each other.
  4. Let everyone know the anticipated pace and distance and be sure they have the experience to handle it.
  5. Be sure everyone signs the sign-up sheet and has a map.
  6. Review rules for safe cycling:
  7. Obey all traffic laws they apply to bikes as well as cars
  8. Be considerate of motorists, ride single file
  9. Let other cyclists know what is going on by calling out “Car back”, “On Your left”, “Hole”, etc.
  10. Pass only on the left, never on the right
  11. If you leave the Leader you are no longer part of the Ride
  12. Everyone wears a helmet
  13. If you are leading from the rear, get someone who knows the route to ride in front
  14. Make a count of the group before you start

During the Ride

  1. Follow the rules of the road; set a good example
  2. If the group is large, stop shortly after you start to make sure everyone is with you
  3. Regroup after busy intersections so no one feels pressured to do something unsafe to stay with the group
  4. Keep the group together as much as possible
  5. Let newer riders know you are glad they came along
  6. Take an occasional count to make sure no one has been dropped
  7. Enjoy the Ride

At the Finish

  1. Make sure everyone is back
  2. Thank everyone for coming
  3. Store the sign-up sheet in a safe place.
  4. Keep them at least as long to be sure nothing bad (i.e. invoking insurance) happened on your ride.

If You Can’t Lead the Ride

If for some reason you will not be able to lead a scheduled ride, follow these priorities:

  1. Have someone else lead the ride for you.
  2. Cancel the ride. Modify your posting under "Rides I lead".to include the title to have "CANCELLED".

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