Pittsburgh Randonneurs - Jim Logan | 3/8/2021

Pittsburgh Randonneurs organizes recreational ultra-distance rides affiliated with Randonneurs USA.

Randonneuring Update for 2021

To sign up for our spring brevets:

  • Log in to the WPW website at www.wpwbikeclub.org. To do that, you have to be a member.
  • On the ride calendar, sign up to the 200 km, 300 km, and/or 400 km
  1. 200 km – 4/10 - Meanville – Greenville 200 km
  2. 300 km – 4/17 Homestead – Cresson Adventure 300 km
  3. 400 km – 5/15 – Pittsburgh – Erie – Pittsburgh 400 km
  • Show up for the ride with a $10, RUSA Waiver (I’ll share closer to the rides), and your RUSA membership number.
  • If you already signed up under Events on the website, you are good.
  • If the WPW website frustrates you, email rbapgh@gmail.com to sign up. Again, we are a small group.


About the rides themselves:

  • There has been a lot of national discussion about randonneuring and the pandemic. There has been implementation by RBAs and clubs to keep us from infecting each other and being vermin that infect others along our rides.
  • We are such a small group, we aren’t going to be concerned about the pandemic looking at April. Pandemic appropriate interactions (masks), both among ourselves and controls, isn’t crazy talk.
  • That being said, if someone has special concerns about the pandemic, we will work to support you with plans like staggered start and electronic proof-of-passage. Be forewarned, someone may have to put effort in for such accommodations, and you may be volunteering.

Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA)

De’Anna Caligiuri


About Randonneuring

Randonneuring is a type of organised long distance bicycle riding, with rides typically covering between 100 km and 1200 kilometres (60-750 miles). A participant is known as a randonneur, and an event is a randonnée. the term brevet may be used interchangeable with randonnée, although strictly speaking, a brevet is one specific type of event. (From Wikipedia, captured 31 May 2010. For the current Wikipedia article, click here.)

Randonneuring in the United States is organized by Randonneurs USA and their Regional Brevet Coordinators (RBAs).

Several Points

1) We encourage all riders to join Randonneurs USA (www.rusa.org).

2) If you are without a “club of reference” for RUSA events and live in or near Western Pennsylvania, we encourage you to join Western PA Wheelmen as your home randonneuring club. www.wpwbikeclub.org

3) For more information on randonneuring and brevets, see the Randonneurs USA website at www.rusa.org.

4) Just to keep things straight, RBAs are approved solely by RUSA.

Pittsburgh Randonneurs organize using the WPW website, a Facebook page, and a Google group. To ride brevets, you should also join Randonneurs USA (RUSA)

Jim's Tips

  1. Endurance Fitness is cool...hang in there
  2. Training as a lifestyle
  3. Boy Scouty/Girl Scouty Stuff
  4. First 200K
  5. First 300K
  6. First 400K
  7. First 600K
  8. First Grand Randonnee

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