MyCycle.Club's cookie policy

A cookie is a small piece of data that allows web sites to recognize your device and maintain user experience throughout use session.

We limit cookie use to a necessary minimum. They are required to to track and monitor authenticated user session, enabling consistent look, feel, and functionality from one page to another. We do not use cookies for advertising or commercial tracking of any sort. We do not share information obtained through cookie use with any third parties. While we store web site logs to help us with troubleshooting, and those logs includes your session information as provided by session cookie, the logs are used exclusively for technical support purposes.

We collect and store information entered and submitted using forms on the web site. We do not share that information with any third parties.

Submitted information may be accessible to some members of your cycle club, depending on their privileges and your privacy settings. Your club's data use policy may differ from that of MyCycle.Club's. We do not have any control over that policy, but it should, at a minimum, be publicly disclosed. Please contact club's administrators for details.

We use Google APIs for mapping and related functionality. While we have no control over Google's use of cookies, their current policy can be found at If you every used Google Maps or any web site utilizing Google Maps, our use is no different.

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