Welcome! | 8/22/2020

The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen (WPW), founded in 1969, is one of the largest bicycle clubs in Pennsylvania. Our purpose is to promote the general interests of bicyclists, to educate bicyclists in safe riding methods in adherence to the State Vehicle Code, to defend the rights of bicyclists, and to advocate the use of bicycles for pleasure, health, and transportation. Plus we ride bikes.

Our jersey buy is in progress. Orders are completed. What comes next:

3) The order is delivered in bulk to the club by October 2.

4) We distribute the orders.

5) Note that there are no returns or exchanges to Primal.

6) The club will buy a few extras. To the extent we have sizes, limited exchanges with the club are possible.

Club Online Resources

Clubs Online Resources - Social media, email groups, Strava, and Ride with GPS

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